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I'm passionate. Sometimes loud. Full of it most of the time, in a fun way. Open bare. More worried about you than I am about me. Laughing out loud without abbreviation.

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Thanks for dropping by! 

Trained as an actor, I'm lead singer and lyricist of Americana rock band Liquid Fate. 

We turned from the road to the studio; now we write for publishing and Film and TV placement.  Our song Miss You will be the theme to the film "Fallen Guardian Angels", the official script of World AIDS Day.  

Rock and roll for years, I'm now writing Country songs with Bob Thorp and Grammy winning engineer/producer Dennis MacKay.  We have 4 tunes in the hopper; final mixes are in the works (I'll Fight Me For You now available on SoundCloud) ! 

Though I'm technically a California native (born in Santa Maria), I grew up in Colorado and Montana. 
Watch for Dennis MacKay's book "Wait For This, Trident Studios And Beyond", co-written with me.  Audio book available summer of 2016.

Look for me on Audible.com narrating books including "From Beyond The Veil" and "Chronicles of a Nation" by Joan Wheeler, and "Minor Deities" by Edward D. Padilla,  in production now!

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