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Open heart with pen
Blood is living melody
Wonder, lover, soul

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Thanks for dropping by!  I'm a vocalist, actor and writer living in Hollywood.

Technically a California native (born in Santa Maria), I grew up in Colorado and Montana. 

Lead singer and lyricist of Americana rock band Liquid Fate,  I'm now writing songs with Bob Thorp and Dennis MacKay.  5 Country tunes in the hopper for 5/16!

Watch for Dennis' book "Wait For This, Trident Studios And Beyond", co-written with me. 

Look for me on Audible.com narrating books including "From Beyond The Veil" and "Chronicles of a Nation" by Joan Wheeler, and "Minor Deities" by Edward D. Padilla,  in production now!

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Colorado Scene Photo by JML

Three Amigos Mural Photo by Sean Patrick